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Эксперт Akzhan
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Регион: Россия Опыт: 15 лет Занятость: почасовая консультация, удаленная, частичная Нанять эксперта

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Статус MBA

Статус PhD


Профессиональный опыт

May 2015 — till now
EnQuest Global
UAE, www.enquest.com
Procurement Supervisor
Supply Chain & Procurement related work

September 2012 — May 2015
UAE, www.halliburton.com/en-US/default.page
Procurement Specialist at Halliburton Worldwide Limited
As part of the «Halliburton’s Battle Red» initiative to increase the flexibility of the company to respond to an evolving business environment, Halliburton is centralizing operational procurement into 4 Business Support Centers around the world. The goal of centralization of procurement is twofold. By consolidating of a company’s operational procurement into a center of excellence, thus be able to leverage economies of scale through consolidation of transactions, standardize and improve Hall mainstay procurement processes, and ensure procurement policy compliance. This will lead to increased capacity as more transactions will be completed by fewer people than ever before. Second, with this efficiency we will have created additional capacity in the field to focus solely on value added judgmental activities. These activities include local sourcing of vendors, and negotiating cost savings.
The scope for the procurement team is be to serve the ESSA, MENA and Eurasia regions alongside accounts payable which have already centralized many of the same countries. Our responsibilities consist of creating purchase orders in SAP, sending the orders to the suppliers, making order amendments, ensuring all materials are delivered on time, and resolving any discrepancies between the purchase order and the invoice. And also handles vendor account maintenance and contract filing.
Responsibilities: -Supporting of a Halliburton operations in Kazakhstan, Iraq, Central Africa, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Tukmenistan, Egypt, UAE with all procurement and supply chain  issues; -PSLs operations support; -Finance department support; -International Purchasing via SAP -Tendering -Contracts Management

September 2011 — September 2012
Halliburton International Inc.,Branch in Republic of Kazakhstan
Aksay (Kazakhstan), www.halliburton.com/en-US/default.page
Procurement Specialist Associate
Procurement specialist/ Procurement Materials & Logistics
Halliburton Int. Inc.
Address: Industrial Area, Aksaishinservice bld., 2 floor, office 205; Aksai 090300 Kazakhstan; Land line: 8-71133-93186
VoIP: 88-444-6102; Cell line www.HALLIBURTON.com
- Reducing the production’s costs.
- Searching for potential suppliers, as well as negotiating with them.
- Managing the procurement process including international procurement and tendering:
(The organization of tender procedures: Initial evaluation of information received about the possibility of the company's participation in the tender; gathering the necessary documents for participation in the competition of competitive selection of suppliers)
-Creating and conclusion of the contracts or amendments including a fixed price for the materials or service work, in accordance with the law and existing a company policies and on the most favorable conditions for the company;
-Translating the contracts and letters for/ from foreign language, including the time of delivering the materials & resources from foreign partners;
-Controlling the terms of local partner’s contract execution.
- Participating in negotiations with Suppliers of Goods & Services.
- Organizing and controlling of business correspondence preparation with local and foreign suppliers of Goods & Services.
-Organizing the procurement procedures in accordance with current corporate documents and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
-Developing the regulations for the procurement.
-Creating/ editing Purchase Orders in SAP for the Vendors.
-Controlling/ making changes on SAP financial accounts, contract's databases, increasing the contract's expired dates.
- Analyzing of the Vendor’s suggestions or remarks. Communicating with a supplier/ discussing the problems of material resources thru the phone conversations.
-Organizing and coordinating the Delegation of suppliers in the company.
-Training and developing of newly hired staff.

August 2008 — September 2011
Empire, LLP Kazakhstan,
Aksay (Kazakhstan)
Logistic specialist
Creating and updating the data base of Pharmacy products. Arranging delivers of medical equipment and products. Organize a delivery of medical facilities. Registration of all medical equipment and products into accounting data base.
Produced and generated a first new data base in the company. Performed PA duties when the department started to operate. Organised paperwork, staff schedules and enquiries, communicated with other departments in order to provide with everything that was needed for the new department. Presented a new model of Supply chain management

June 2005 — August 2005
DHL Global Forwarding Worldwide post company
Aksay (Kazakhstan)
Logistics specialists (trainee)
Worked with certificates, invoices checked (up) manifests. Registry of Trailer tracking reports into accounting data base. Get accustomed as the interpreter. Office manager

June 2004 — August 2004
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.
Aksay (Kazakhstan)
Summer placement/Transport department (trainee)
Get accustomed with Karachaganak field - (discovered in 1979, is one of the world’s largest gas and condensate fields, formed with international partners BG Group, Eni of Italy, the US company ChevronTexaco and LUKOIL of Russia that produces oil and gas condensate), and learn the logistic file delivery systems. Assist in transport logistic. Collect information, prepare tables, for the thesis. Get accustomed as the interpreter.

June 2003 — July 2003
Karachaganak Petroleum Operaiting B.V
Aksay (Kazakhstan)
Assistant/ Finance department (trainee)
Get accustomed with Karachaganak field’s activities and learn closely an economic system. Assist acquiring data for the main economic data base in the company. Collect information, prepare tables, and diagrams for university reports.

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